Magento Performance Toolkit

Here are short instructions to getting Magento Performance Toolkit benchmark results created, as well as presenting these to Magento community on MageMeter.

Step 1 - generate sample data

Magento 1.x and Magento2 performance toolkits have separate codebase, therefore first step is to locate performance toolkit package for Magento platform you are benchmarking.

Magento 1.x

Magento 1.x performance toolkit package is currently located inside it's own Github repository, one you must clone and follow steps from official Magento Performance Toolkit User Guide to create sample data.

Magento 2

Magento2 performance toolkit package is located at Magento2 performance toolkit GitHub repository, and it's currently integral part of Magento2 source code. If you have Magento 2 installed, you already have performance toolkit, and you can use it to generate sample data for your benchmark.

Step 2 - do the benchmarks

After having sample data in place, regardless to your Magento version, you should study the official Magento Performance Toolkit User Guide to get the idea what it's all about. After you're done, it's time for testing. You should ideally have two machines, one you're testing and another preferably on tha same fast network which will be used to send jMeter requests. So you'll have your Magento installed and accessible through browser on primary machine, and installed jMeter on secondary machine.

In order to assist you with running jMeter benchmark, we created following Bash script you should modified as described by the comments and execute on your secondary machine:

After benchmark is successfully finished you will have benchmark results inside results.csv file on REPORT_SAVE_PATH you configured before starting benchmark with provided script. Now you simply register for account, login, and upload this file to MageMeter using our contribute form, along with all the important parameters of conducted benchmark.


MageMeter is community project, and no one can provide guarantees this process will work as described or at all. But if you do get stuck while benchmarking your Magento installation, you can always Tweet to @MageMeter, someone will probably jump in to assist.