Magento Performance Toolkit

Along with the development releases of next generation Magento ecommerce platform, jMeter based Magento2 performance toolkit package was released, allowing us to accurately and comparably track Magento2 performance status.

Shortly after releasing performance toolkit package for Magento2, Magento released performance toolkit for Magento 1.x Enterprise Edition, giving community means to compare performance levels of two platforms side by side.


Idea behind MageMeter is hosting an up to date database of performance benchmarks created using official Magento Performance Toolkit for both Magento and Magento2 ecommerce platforms. MageMeter catalogue currently consists solely of benchmarks conducted by community members, therefore contributions by individuals as well as Magento hosting companies/development agencies are greatly appreciated, proving that Magento has the best community out there.

For step by step instructions on conducting Magento performance toolkit tests as well as submitting them to MageMeter, just visit our Contribute section. Or you can always tweet to MageMeter, someone will probably jump in to assist.